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Motorola 2 way radios: Motorola announces cutting-edge new devices

(Source: Marketing Week)trackingMotorola is launching what it claims are two "game changing" devices this year as part of a strategy to make its products better focused to customer needs.

The Xoom is the first tablet powered by Google-backed Android's new 3.0 Honeycomb operating system. Features include a 10.1-inch screen, TV and PC docking options, an HD camcorder and a dual-core processor.

Motorola also recently unveiled its Atrix smartphone, which it claims is "the world's most powerful smartphone" because of its dual- core processor.

The UK release dates and pricing for both products have yet to be announced.

Since the launch of the Razr camera phone in 2004, which sold 110 million units, Motorola has been usurped in sales figures by other handset manufacturers such as Apple which were producing more innovative products at a quicker rate.

Motorola has a 4.3% market share of all handsets in the UK, in terms of the primary device owned, according to comScore. It remains, however, a long way behind Apple, which has an 8.8% market share.

On 4 January, Motorola divided its company into two separate businesses: Motorola Mobility, which incorporates home and mobile, and Motorola Solutions which handles business products such as two- way radios.

Motorola Mobility vice-president of international marketing Andrew Morley says the new "game changing" devices demonstrate the company's new positioning and herald the link between home and mobile.

Morley adds: "[Mobility's] messaging now is 'we understand you and we can make your life easier, simpler and better through technology'. Our products are tailored around your life. They are backed by leading technology, but we are not leading with the technology message."

In October last year Motorola posted its first quarter of sales growth since 2006, with sales rising 13% to $4.9bn (pound 3.09bn) from the third quarter of 2009. The company shipped 9.1 million handsets, compared with 13.6 million the previous year.

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