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New sony ericsson mobile phones Xperia Play

Sony is really trying to hide, but decided to give up. In his official page on the Facebook network, the company confirmed the existence of the Xperia Play, cell phone that has special controls to run games.

According to the company page, the announcement of release date and other details will be revealed on February 13. Possibly this is the first device that will use the PlayStation platform suite that allows mobile phones to run Android PSone games.

Furthermore, Sony intends to create a PlayStation Store targeted at mobile devices. Thus it will be easier to find games and applications that use the PlayStation Tool Suite.

All this information can be viewed directly from the Sony Ericsson on Facebook by clicking here.

The name Xperia play had already been released in December last year, when Sony made a record in the patent office. On the same occasion, the site Computer and Video Games reports that for the machine above happen in the month, the same period mentioned by Bert Nordberg, chairman of Sony Ericsson, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

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