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For your security we only accept Paypal.

Your unlock code and instructions will be sent within the specified time according to your model listed on the homepage, the delivery period starts counting after the payment made and confirmed, you will have all the customer support before and after purchase.

Orders Placed Online Can Be Placed On Our order form.
Placed Online Payments Will Be Placed on 128 bit secure servers. On this form, all credit / debit Transmitted card details are using SSL, the security system is universally Recognized Transmitting encrypted information over the Internet. GSM Unlock Never Actually sections your credit / debit card details.
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Privacy Statement:
Rest assured with your purchase, all payments made by Paypal criptrografia have high 128-bit, you will purchase a 100% secure.

Refund Policy:
Unlocking Codes.
- You Can Be refunded (in full) under the warranty term Within 30 days upon your request. Please contact us via email for your refund requests (Please include your Transaction ID with your request).
Warranty Conditions.
We guarantee on your money back and restore your phone to the original state on Following conditions:
- Phone is still locked after you enter unlocking code Provided by us.
- You must send us a video of the error in our code, this will prove that the problem in this code, the video should be legible, and no cuts during the video should be consulted through their IMEI * # 06 # and made the insertion code.
NOTE: We will not refund with cell-bound inserts popped above prior to obtaining our code.
To Benefit from Warranty Please contact us (with your Transaction ID) Within 30 days from the date of purchase.

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